WekEast New Jersey

I really don’t know where to start. This was the first time Wekfest brought the tour to the East Coast and honestly…I was blown away! I had no idea what to expect going over to the East Coast for a car show. There were so many quality cars that showed, I was pretty impressed, but then again…it is Wekfest ;]  Anyone who has attended a Wekfest event knows that these events deliver quality and nothing less. I really hope to be back for another WekEast because if this one had such a great response and turn out… I can only imagine how amazing WekEast will be a second time around!

I was stunned when Joe brought in all three DSPORT with my cover features. I thought it was so awesome to see that type of support! I honestly don’t know if I have any issues left for myself from 2009, haha.

Marvin gets in on the signing fun too!

There were two people wearing my “Many Faces” t-shirt, Tami was one of them! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take a picture with the young man wearing the men’s version in black.

 It was incredibly flattering to see how much love and support both Marvin and I received out in New Jersey! I honestly never would have expected that, especially on the other side of the country. It’s truly been a blessing to travel with the Wekfest tour and meet our loving supporters both near and far.

2 thoughts on “WekEast New Jersey”

  1. Hi there…this is Joe–the guy who brought the 3 DSport magazines to WekEast. I actually had a 4th one to sign but I was so nervous to meet Elissa I forgot to fish it out of the pile I brought with me that day. Doh! It was great to meet you and all had a wonderful day!

  2. Dont have a tumblr so I came here…. I look up to you. Im a young single mom and absolutely admire you. Your little boy is adorable too. I went to wekfest fortworth last year and cant wait for the one in austin. Hope I get to meet you, totally gonna get one of your shirts. Keep up the good work. You’re amazing. 🙂

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