Remember Why You Started

Last week I asked if I could take a day off from my scheduled 6 day work week. Thankfully, my request was granted.
Typically, in the mornings  I am out of the house and onto my commute to work before my son is even awake. By the time I get home he is delirious and ready to start his bedtime routine.

 I took full advantage of being able to take my son to school in the morning and picking him up in the afternoon. Since we had a good amount of day light i thought it would be fun to take him out to ride on his skate board. I love taking him along the beach to ride his skateboard. It feels safe and the view is incredible! Naturally, he got distracted by the beach and asked if we could just walk out onto the beach. So we did. You’d be amazed at how content and entertained a child can be with the treasures they find out on the beach.. like a stick. He actually tried convincing me bring it home. I had to remind him we already have plenty of similar treasures in our back yard.

As I have mentioned before, I admire my son’s ability to perceive life for what he sees right in front of him. Too often as an adult, I find myself looking deep into the reasons why people say what they do and why people act the way they do. Its unnecessary analyzation.

After snacking on some cookies together at Starbucks…it hit me. I had forgotten why I started this new career. Before everything I am a mother and a wife. Its been my life’s motivation to always put my family first and be the best mother and wife I could possibly be. This career would allow for that – flexibility.
You know Angelica’s Mom from the Nickelodeon cartoon, the Rugrats? I always dreaded becoming that mom. The Mom who has her cell phone attached to her head, working 24/7, and having other people watch and raise her child. I don’t want that life. I want to raise my children.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. If you have known me throughout these years, you know I am fully aware & understand that everything requires time, dedication, and sacrifices. However, this time around I know what I want to do differently. The beauty of this industry is that there is no wrong way to do it. There will always be a way!

Remember why you started.

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