Out with the Old, In with the New


Its been about a month since we started moving into our new apartment. This feels like the longest move I have ever experienced! The first two weeks I was living out of my weekend bag and cycling through the same four outfits with my bare minimum make-up staples. Everything was already packed in boxes or getting sorted out for donations or trash, so I was pretty limited until recently. Now that we have began to unpack most of our boxes I have been reunited with my hot tools and make up stash! Thank goodness – I was looking far too much like my son (he is basically my twin if I don’t wear make up).

I could not believe how many bags of clothes I have donated. There were at least five full trash bags full of clothing. It was not easy parting with all those items, but it needed to be done. Looking around at all my clothing, shoes, makeup, and skin care products filled me with shame. How the hell did I allow myself to accumulate all this?
I realize that I am extremely sentimental, and that this is the reason for allowing myself to hold on to the things I do not need.

For this move we had to down-size quite a bit from our house to a humble apartment. So, this purging was quite necessary. As I stuffed the bags, I tried not to think about what I was tossing in. Just stuff the pieces in and close up the bags. There are people out here in this world who will truly enjoy and put these items to use. People always suggest I sell my clothes to second-hand stores, but its not for me. I have no use for the store credit they offer for my clothing and I don’t like being offered an amount of money that is no where nearly as close to what I actually paid. I want my stuff to go to people who don’t have the luxury of shopping, even if they are limited to shopping for used clothing. I prefer donating to churches because I know that no one profits off of the clothing or shoes I donate. It goes to the people who truly need and deserve to own these items.

Since I was young I have always had an image in my mind of this widow holding her baby as she sifts through the small piles of clothing, hoping she can find a few pieces that she can actually fit into for both herself and her rapidly growing infant. The other image I have is of a young adolescent girl. She is searching for shoes. Shoes she can comfortably wear without feeling like she will get made fun of for wearing them to school. We all know how nasty and mean those elementary children can be to those who they can not relate to. In my mind these are the types of people my son and I are donating gently used clothing and shoes to.

As much as I want to help those in need with donations. This move has really made me realize I need to be more mindful with my clothing and shoes. Its time for me to be more practical. As a reminder, I have this humbly sized apartment and teeny little closet to keep me in check.



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