Mother’s Day | Melon Heads

I am still trying to grasp the fact that this handsome little man and I have shared 8 beautiful years together. It blows my mind.

Looking back at my 19 year old self, I see now I was just a baby too. Everyone said raising a child at a young age was going to be hard – I understood that. They also said finishing school would be impossible – I proved to them and my son anything is possible. Its amazing to comprehend that I have had my son present with me during some of my biggest achievements and most important life events.

As young as he is, he probably doesn’t understand or think much of those achievements, but I am not upset. My only hope is that once he reaches adulthood himself, he will look back and realize he has nothing stopping him from reaching his own goals and dreams (because I am praying that he will abstain from teen fatherhood & that my husband and I have provided all that he needs to survive and be successful on his own).

Most children only have photos to look back at their parent’s past, but thankfully I have had my son present in those moments and in those photos since I was 19 years old. I am so grateful to have such a spunky, sweet, and silly son to keep me on my toes and enjoy this crazy adventure of life for many many many many more years to come!



Photos by Marvin King

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