Mother’s Day | Surprise Bonus!


Surprise, Surpriseeeee… I am so happy and so excited to announce my husband, Marvin, and I are finally expecting our first baby together!


These shoes represent more than just baby shoes one might buy for their baby. Marvin and I bought these in 2010. We were shopping around Haight St. in San Francisco for fun when I fell in love with these cute little sheep shoes. At the time my son, Jayce, was 2 years old and I knew he would grow out of these within a month or just trash them within the first week as he played outside (or whatever other ways little boys find to get so messy, haha).

We bought them anyways… in a small size… for our future baby we were not even sure of that we would actually create. After six years we can finally put our baby’s feet into them! Marvin and I have always wanted a baby but the timing has never been right. In our early twenties, still in college, and getting our lives together we knew that it wouldn’t be the right time for us to have a baby in a very long time. I have always told Marvin, this time around I need to do it right the next time around: finish school, get married and then start a family. I owe it to Jayce, myself, and our future to be able to provide as much knowledge, patience, time, love and respect as I possibly can without the distraction of having to establish stability by finishing school. As parents we lead our children by our own example and hope they choose to make healthy and practical decisions for themselves.


I am so excited for this next phase of our lives to begin with our newest addition to our family. We  will no longer be a family of three, but a family of four instead! Jayce is a lot older, but at this point I think he is just happy to have a sibling. If I know anything about my son I know with his big heart and silly perspective of life he is going to make an amazing big brother & baby entertainer.


October 2016


4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day | Surprise Bonus!”

  1. I’ve been a fan for a few years and I’ve seen how much your son has grown to be such a gentlemen with two strong and respectable role models he calls his parents. You and Marvin will do an incredible job with a this new addition. Can’t wait to follow your family on a new journey!

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