& This Little Piggy…

Brown Sugar
These days I feel like I am always eating! Its probably my body’s way of making up for all the morning sickness and lack of appetite in the first twelve weeks of this pregnancy.
I am hoping its true what people say about cravings. “If you crave salty-sour, its a boy. If you’re craving sweets, its a girl.” If the saying is true for me…we will have a girl! In the beginning I could only stomach salty and sour flavors, but they weren’t really cravings. I crave sweets like crazy these days and I am usually not a sweets and dessert type of person. I knew something was up when I craved blueberry pancakes from IHOP for dinner…twice. Girl or boy…I already know this baby is going to give me a major cavity, as well as some extra love handles to burn off after the delivery.

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