Fashionably Early?

Last Friday our little one gave us a scare. We thought for sure she was going to force her way into this world a whole month early! We just had our baby shower a few days before. The tags from clothing, blankets, etc. had just been cut off and tossed into the laundry basket. I swear that basket of the baby’s laundry was laughing at me as we scrambled around our home trying to pack up overnight bags for the four of us. My friend reassured me that as long as she has my boobs and diapers we will be just fine. I forgot hospitals will provide small items like onesies, beanies, and blankets – should you need them.
As you can imagine, most people don’t expect their bundle of joy to arrive an entire four weeks ahead of time. So yeah, we were kind of freaking the heck out. I just was not mentally prepared to give birth! I didn’t even read the chapter about the 9th month of pregnancy yet! The entire time were were in the car driving to the hospital all I could think about was how unprepared we were.

In comparison to my previous labor experience with Monks, I had no idea I was actually experiencing early signs of labor! With Monks I went straight into active labor and felt extreme pain shooting down my back. It felt like a no brainer to head out for the hospital at the time. When I got to the hospital, they almost turned me away because “if you’re able to talk respond through your contractions, you aren’t ready to be admitted.” Maybe most women don’t respond through contractions, but not all women work through their pain the same. I do not agree with this criteria to admit a laboring mother. I hope that has changed in the last nine years. Personally, if a doctor or nurse asks me a question I am going to respond as timely as I can no matter how much pain I am in. It was a good thing a more sympathetic nurse intervened and brought me back into a room to be examined. She found that I was indeed ready to stay and deliver the baby.
This second time around, I thought I was just experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. During dinner I noticed a consistent pattern of when the contractions were hitting. They weren’t painful, but they did feel uncomfortable. So, of course Marvin googles it and tells me I need to call the advice nurse. I let her know that for two hours I was feeling these consistent contractions every 3-7 minutes. She told me to pack my things and head to labor and delivery just to be safe. Turns out I was experiencing signs of early labor.

It was late Friday night. Poor Monks had a very full day with school, a play date, and then this. He was in his PJ’s ready for bed when I told the boys we needed to pack up and go. They hustled! I guess once Monks knew we wouldn’t be going any where for a while he got comfortable. I offered him to lay up on the bed with me, but I suppose he felt uncomfortable since the staff said they would be back to conduct more exams. Luckily, there was a very sweet nurse working with us and grabbed him some pillows and blankets.IMG_0610.JPGSince my labor seemed to be progressing more than expected, the doctor decided to keep us overnight for observations. The nurses kindly found us a room with a couch so the boys could lay out and get some more comfortable sleep. Well, as comfortable as they could get on a tiny couch. It was hard for me to sleep too. In addition to the very firm hospital beds, I had a billion things running through my mind.We still hadn’t solidified a name for her and I was determined to find something decent before her possible arrival.
FullSizeRender-1.jpgWe were surely blessed that day because my contractions decreased and we were discharged. I was informed that because of these early signs of labor, my active or true labor will progress quite quickly when the time comes. Great…I live twenty minutes away. I hope this baby doesn’t come as quickly as I am imagining her to because I really don’t want to have to deliver my own baby in the car during the bay area’s  ridiculous morning or evening traffic!
When we got home we hopped on that basket of laundry immediately, packed proper hospital bags, and got some much needed sleep! Two weeks until the baby’s expected due date, but we’ll see. I think she’s aiming to be a September baby. Its okay…Now. The bottles have been sterilized, the car seat is locked and loaded, laundry has been washed and folded, and our bags are packed. We’re ready for you now baby girl!!

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