Baby Bear

2016 May-1
As I wait for this baby to make her surprise debut, I have been trying to stay busy. For Mother’s day the boys bought me this Sophie the Giraffe pregnancy journal to record all the memorable moments of this pregnancy. Its pretty cool to know that I will be able to share this book with my daughter later. Whether or not she cares about my cravings, the names she could have been named, photos of Mama’s growing belly, etc. it will be there for her.
In this journal I hope that she will understand just how loved and excited her big brother and parents were to welcome her into this world!
IMG_0733-3.JPGThis is definitely my favorite page from my pregnancy journal. It called to paste in an image of myself and my husband when we were young. It was a little hard to get photos of Marvin, but his Mom was able to find and send us a few. So, here we are  in our truest form at just a few months old! This is one of the very few and rare times you will ever see Marvin without a hat on – haha.
If I were to guess which features our daughter will have I would guess: My face shape, eyebrows, cheeks, and nose & Marvin’s eyes and lips.


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