The MK Twins

Oh, my little honey. Its officially been six months since Mia has joined our family! Time has definitely flown by. Its been an incredible experience to watch her grow and develop. I know she is still so young and it might sound weird, but I can already see what her personality is going to be like!IMG_2541.JPGMia is not the only one who has grown. I have enjoyed seeing Marvin grow too.
I really didn’t know what to expect coming home with a newborn. As with my son 9 years ago, I expected to take on caring for the baby my own. I was dreading the night feedings, diaper changes, inconsolable crying episodes, projectile spit ups, diaper explosions, etc. Surprisingly, I found that I wasn’t alone. Marvin was right there with me…the whole time. Yes, we were both exhausted and functioning like zombies. (Its still a bit of a blur of how Monks made it to school on time in the mornings, haha.)

I have always known that he was an amazing father because of his relationship with our son. However, having a baby girl is completely different! There is a more mindful and sweet side to him that only Mia has been able to bring out of him, and I absolutely love witnessing it. Truly, it melts my heart to see them interact. Their eyes both light up when they look at each other, and the smile on Mia’s face when she looks at him is indescribable.
IMG_2543.JPGGetting to know her in the first 6 months confirms that I named her appropriately. She looks and behaves exactly like her Daddy! Originally, she was going to be named after my older sister who passed away. I frequently visit the cemetery where my Dad and older sister lay to rest, and in the future I know that I will be bringing her with me along to those visits. Although she would learn it is her Aunt.. I did not know how she would feel to see her name on a headstone. So, I slightly tweaked my sister’s name to give Mia her own name while also sharing her Aunt’s and also incorporating her Daddy’s initials, MK. IMG_2542.JPG


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