The MK Twins

Oh, my little honey. Its officially been six months since Mia has joined our family! Time has definitely flown by. Its been an incredible experience to watch her grow and develop. I know she is still so young and it might sound weird, but I can already see what her personality is going to be like!IMG_2541.JPGMia is not the only one who has grown. I have enjoyed seeing Marvin grow too.
I really didn’t know what to expect coming home with a newborn. As with my son 9 years ago, I expected to take on caring for the baby my own. I was dreading the night feedings, diaper changes, inconsolable crying episodes, projectile spit ups, diaper explosions, etc. Surprisingly, I found that I wasn’t alone. Marvin was right there with me…the whole time. Yes, we were both exhausted and functioning like zombies. (Its still a bit of a blur of how Monks made it to school on time in the mornings, haha.)

I have always known that he was an amazing father because of his relationship with our son. However, having a baby girl is completely different! There is a more mindful and sweet side to him that only Mia has been able to bring out of him, and I absolutely love witnessing it. Truly, it melts my heart to see them interact. Their eyes both light up when they look at each other, and the smile on Mia’s face when she looks at him is indescribable.
IMG_2543.JPGGetting to know her in the first 6 months confirms that I named her appropriately. She looks and behaves exactly like her Daddy! Originally, she was going to be named after my older sister who passed away. I frequently visit the cemetery where my Dad and older sister lay to rest, and in the future I know that I will be bringing her with me along to those visits. Although she would learn it is her Aunt.. I did not know how she would feel to see her name on a headstone. So, I slightly tweaked my sister’s name to give Mia her own name while also sharing her Aunt’s and also incorporating her Daddy’s initials, MK. IMG_2542.JPG


The End…of Maternity Leave

This year long maternity leave is bitter-sweetly coming to an end. I’m grateful for all the time I have been gifted this past year to spend with my growing family.

However, the time feels right for mama to get out and get her hands in some hair again!
Although my availability is going to be slightly limited…my books have officially opened at my new salon home in Lafayette.

Baby Bear

2016 May-1
As I wait for this baby to make her surprise debut, I have been trying to stay busy. For Mother’s day the boys bought me this Sophie the Giraffe pregnancy journal to record all the memorable moments of this pregnancy. Its pretty cool to know that I will be able to share this book with my daughter later. Whether or not she cares about my cravings, the names she could have been named, photos of Mama’s growing belly, etc. it will be there for her.
In this journal I hope that she will understand just how loved and excited her big brother and parents were to welcome her into this world!
IMG_0733-3.JPGThis is definitely my favorite page from my pregnancy journal. It called to paste in an image of myself and my husband when we were young. It was a little hard to get photos of Marvin, but his Mom was able to find and send us a few. So, here we are  in our truest form at just a few months old! This is one of the very few and rare times you will ever see Marvin without a hat on – haha.
If I were to guess which features our daughter will have I would guess: My face shape, eyebrows, cheeks, and nose & Marvin’s eyes and lips.

37 Weeks

Has it really only been 37 weeks? Its beginning to feel like I have been pregnant for over two years now! That false alarm was a little scary, but selfishly I was ready for her to be out. At this point everything feels uncomfortable. I forget I have an expansion pack out in front of me so I find myself bumping into more obstacles. Even reaching for a pack of gum in the check out isle has called for some creative maneuvers.
At our appointment this week the doctor let us know everything is looking great. Measurements are exactly where they’re expected to be. According to the Baby Center, this week our baby is being compared to the size of a bunch of swiss chard!



Here we are at 36 weeks together! According to the Baby Center, she is approximately the size of a head of romaine lettuce. When I think of the head of romaine lettuce sitting in my fridge Its difficult for me to imagine the comparison because that head of lettuce is a lot thinner than an actually baby.  Seriously, who comes up with this stuff? I need better visuals people!
My oh my did she give us a scare toward the end of our 36th week.
You never really imagine spontaneous events to happen you personally so you put it out of your head and neglect preparation for such events. However, YES.. it can very much happen to you! It almost happened to us. So, if you or your partner are already in your third trimester prepare for the unexpected. Keep a bag with some overnight essentials in your car trunk because in this case it does not hurt to be overly prepared.

Celebrating Baby King


The baby shower my friends threw for me in Sacramento definitely surprised me. I was not expecting it to turn out as great as it did. (haha – I know I should have given these two more credit, huh).  Honestly, I think I was just dreading being at a park in Sacramento without a restroom close by & the extremely warm weather. Anyone from Sacramento or that frequents the area knows how hot it can get…even in September! By some divine miracle the weather turned out to be so perfect! Thankfully, I don’t think it even broke passed 86 degrees that day. The food, dessert, games, and being reunited with everyone felt amazing. I only wish the baby was actually here to see and enjoy the party for herself!

Mmmmhmm… Mama was craving Mexican food heavily in the 7th month of pregnancy.

babyshower49Cake Pops from Ettores are just too kid… and adult friendly to pass up! babyshower50

Everyone is guilty at least once or twice of being lured into pintrest for ideas. The inspiration I was looking for was Rice Krispy treat recipes. For some reason I have been on a Rice Krispy kick! I found some super cute heart shaped ones with one side dipped and drizzled with white chocolate. I showed my little brother the photos and he told me I would have them at the shower. I thought that was so sweet! Him and my grandmother did such a beautiful job. Too bad we didn’t get a closer shot of them.
Um… Yes. Let me introduce you to Ettore’s Red Velvet cake. I love that my friend, Megan, skipped the traditional baby shower themed decorations because this cake was presented so beautifully with the velvety red rose petals. This photo does no do this delicious cake justice.
Looking at these photos I am realizing we had a lot of desserts and sweets at the baby shower. I couldn’t help it though. This baby has had me craving all sweets, especially pastries since our second trimester together.
GAMES!! The best part of any baby shower.
Here we have the toilet paper diapering game.
Supplies: Toilet paper rolls & a willing partner.
Directions: Set a timer and create the most functional and creative you can in the allowed time.babyshower30


And this was the result. I’m not sure what happened to the other three diapered babies. I think these must have been our winners.
Time to feed the baby! Another silly game requiring a partner. I think people usually use actual baby food for this game, but I didn’t want to have to torture my friends and family with that goop. We used apple sauce instead.
So one person sits and acts as the baby eating the food. The other person is blind folded feeding the baby. Clearly… some of the participants had some difficulty finding their babies mouths or even their own partners for that matter.
I didn’t realize how messy this game was going to get, but I am so glad we had plenty of water and paper towels handy.




Good ol’ classic, measuring the baby belly. This game is the easiest on to get everyone involved. No one gets messy with this game. All it takes is some scissors, some sort of ribbon or string, and a pregnant mama. Its so funny to watch people and their methods to potentially come up with the correct measurement of the Mama’s belly.  Some were close and some were very off…like if I were to have been pregnant with quadruplets! To people came extremely close. Go figure, one of those people would be my mom. But she actually didn’t win. My friend, Karen, won this round.
The plate baby.
Supplies: paper plates, your head , and something to write with.
Directions: Place the paper plate on top of your head or forehead and draw a baby for the allowed time – we gave them 60 seconds.


Ugh! I hate having to be the one to chose winners, so I chose two winners. Turns out one of the winners was my own son (pink baby on the right). Since he was partially hosting the party he was disqualified. Ya, he was bummed but he ate a cake pop and got over it. So, the winner was Rolo! His baby was pretty similar to Jayce’s but his baby’s limbs just weren’t all connected (brown baby on the left).

My Sacramento Sweethearts. These lovely souls have been in my life since the 7th grade at the very least (missing two ladies)! The tall beautiful blonde and I go all the way back to kindergarten.  I have truly been blessed with genuine life long friends. Now some of them just need to get going on making some babies too so my kids have life long friends to grow up with too!
Thank you all for coming to celebrate the arrival of our baby girl! We hope you all had enough to eat and enjoyed the beautiful day! We appreciate all your love and generosity!!






















Not exactly sure what happened to the week 34 photo update. Somewhere along the way I think I have lost count of the days. OOPS! Well, in any case…here we are at 35 weeks!
At this point I feel very very pregnant. I swear she grew so much overnight. Now I can definitely see and feel a difference.
Insomnia has officially kicked in. I didn’t think it was possible considering how sleepy I start feeling in the afternoon. Its been hard to go to sleep and actually stay asleep. Whether its a sound or a very vivid dream, it will startle me and I will not be able to go back to sleep. I stopped fighting it and just embrace being an early bird when it happens. This lack of sleep does make me feel nervous though. I read in the baby bible, What to Expect When You Are Expecting, getting less than 6 hours of sleep will increase my chances of needing a C-Section. That makes me nervous. I know there are plenty of women who have done the procedure, but it just is not how I would like to birth my child. The thought of being awake during a major surgery like this makes me very nervous. If it has to be done…then that is what I will have to do. This Friday, we learn what position she is in which will determine if we will need a C-Section or if we are able to resume with our original birth plan. Wish us Luck!